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Welcome to our online site of everything related to sources for youth and young adults. Here you can find current products and products to come for your reading pleasure. These soures of literature are meant to be a reminder of our faith in Jesus Christ and to serve as a tool to strengthen our churhes, families, and future generations. 

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Dr. Michael Rackley, 2008 Cheyney University Football Hall of Fame inductee and 1988 undrafted free agent pick for the New Orleans Saints, has released a new book with Liberty University Press. "We Will Not Bow to Babylon's Table" addresses the hard-hitting issues facing young people today, including premarital sex, homosexuality, eating disorders, bullying, the Hebrew Education Model vs the Greek Educational Model, sports, living out your faith and so much more!


The book encourages teens to grow deeper in their faith by becoming more like Jesus Christ so they may combat the temptations they face every day. Through challenging discussion questions and Bible excerpts, teens are able to easily understand God's definition of biblical living and how to apply these principles to their lives.


"This book promotes healthy living for teens and provides examples of purpose-driven young people," Rackley said. "Additionally, this book deals with career goals and practical aspirations that youth can attain."


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"Rethinking Discipleship In the Area of High School Ministry: Key Strategies for Transforming Urban Youth"

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